S.O.S. Ukraine

Due to the current war situation Zeal Vertex will address 30% of its sales to humanitarian help destined to people affeccted by war in Ukraine.

Your investment will definitely help ceasing part of the pain of many innocent people.

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What´s Zeal Vertex?

Inspired by an ambicious social proyect and thinking of the conection between the power of the mind and the universe we live in, we decided to launch a project focus on reaching the good true nature of the mankind. Trough the projects behind each of the collections we´ll release, you´ll be able to be part and support the things you really care for.

More than an investment in digital art, this can be seen as the beguinning of a new era in which the ownership of our art will guide you trough the path of revelation. By joining the Zeal Vertex community you will not only being holding an investment, but you will be actively paticipating in our social projects while discovering the best of yourself.

Zeal Vertex is a streighforward project made by doers!

We have a dream and we'll make it happen.

Join us now to point your zeal to the vertex while doing good.